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About Maxima Global Corporation Ltd

In order to extend Maxima’s business philosophy throughout the past 25 years, starting from January 1, 2020, the companies under the “Maxima Group” are united and renamed “Maxima Global Corporation Ltd.”. Through this merger, we will have much wider vision in business strategy and rich resources, it lead us continue to provide more comprehensive and top quality products and services to our customers.

Despite the diverse range of products and services we offer, our unique philosophy makes us stand out from competitors – our care for our customers, end-users and staff. While sourcing the best equipment to cater to your needs, we also started our own brands including  M-tech, MG1, Fujiyama Optics and Umi Umi, developing products to fill the unmet gap in the marketplace.

We are good at customized solutions that answer your needs and solve your problems. We are always up for the challenges, now and in the future. Any brilliant ideas you want to achieve on your own? Talk to us and be amazed at what we can offer.