IT Security Solutions & Telco Network

Information technology (IT) has permeated every level of the modern life and become an integral part of any organization. From smart building systems and the Internet of Things (IoT) to office automation and database management, various IT solutions have been developed to enhance efficiency and productivity. As IT and wireless technologies develop at exponential rates, the issue of data security has raised concerns, which explains why enterprises have been investing more resources on security in recent years.

IT and Security Solutions Division was founded in 2008 under Maxima Group. Specializing in one-stop integrated IT and security solutions, it covers WiFi infrastructure, Telco systems, HD digital surveillance systems, security controls, cloud servers for surveillance footages, and hardware and software for intelligent buildings. Meanwhile, we also set up our own platform MG1. From consultation and system design, to installation and day-to-day maintenance, we can make you assured about your IT network.

Case Study – Total IT Solution for a Mega Shopping Mall


A new mall in a prime shopping area


To build a total IT and security system spanning across 700,000 sq m of floor space


20 months

We Deliver – Total IT Solution for a Mega Shopping Mall

As a leading real estate developer in Hong Kong, our client required a one-stop IT solution for its prestigious shopping mall. We had to establish the entire WiFi network infrastructure, linking all digital signage in the mall for quick reference and easy content update. All surveillance cameras are required to be seamlessly connected to the IT system and the smart building system needs an optimization of power conservation.

The sheer scale of the project was the first challenge- 15 floors of offices plus 17 floors of retail spaces add up to 700,000 sq metres. From conception and system design to execution and roll-out, the project had to be completed in 20 months and no leeway was allowed. Coordination among different contractors was required for seamless and timely execution.

Maxima’s passion for communication was rewarded with timely completion of the project. The integrated system was a huge success and it has been working like a charm.