Radio & Navigation Communication

Even in the post-smartphone era, two-way radio still plays a pivotal role.

Digital radio systems now come with navigation functions, location tracking, messaging features and convenient accessories such as headsets and car mounts. Being reliable and cost-effective, covers an expansive area.

Our Radio Communication Division was founded in 1994. We were a six-star verified supplier on the B2B e-trading platform Global Sources, carrying more than 10 brands and over 1,000 products. In 2009, we were awarded ISO

9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification.

In 2007, M-Tech was created as our own brand of radio communication equipment. At present, over 20 different products carried by M-Tech are

all CE and FCC certified, including base stations, portable transceivers and

CB radio systems.

With extensive range of products, we could offer customized radio and navigation solutions to meet your every need.

Case Study – Building Radio Network in Desert


A national capital in Africa


To build a city-covered radio communication network in a desert area of over 900 sq km


15 months

We Build – Building Radio Network in DesertOur client required a total solution – from infrastructure construction and equipment installation, to providing radio devices for end-users.

No effort was spared on communication. From the client and end-users, we learnt about their expectations of the network. From the subcontractors and service providers, we learnt the mode of operation in the foreign country. Our design was amended repeatedly until a solution that satisfies everyone came out.

Cultural differences were the biggest challenge. Transparent communication was essential to bridge the gap. As one of the driest and hottest cities in the world, the city has offered an extremely harsh working environment. Local technical support is literally non-existent and most equipment was imported.

Against all odds, Maxima finally succeeded in building the radio network so that end-users are connected closely like never before.